Pub Review - Blind Tiger Alehouse (New York, NY)

member_headshots_20081217_1815175631The first day of July seemed as good a day as any to venture out into NYC for beer.  I headed to The Blind Tiger Ale House to meet a fellow WHALE for an event that found its way onto my schedule courtesy of my friend Pete, Area Sales Manager for Victory Brewing.  While at another establishment, he had told me that Victory would have every line at the Tiger running with a Victory brew, which I didn’t believe, but to my surprise Victory has a sneaky big beer lineup.  In this case, I was happy to be proven wrong. 

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Pub Review - Zeppelin Bier Hall (Jersey City, NJ)


This review is a continuation from the Blind Tiger Alehouse review.

This brand new beer hall has been talked about for the last few months by "all-things-beer" lovers in the tri-state area, supposedly sporting 144 taps upon opening, has unfortunately been pushed off a few months past the original planned opening.

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Pub Review - Triumph Brewing (Princeton, NJ)

member_headshots_20081217_1815175631 Triumph Brewing Company is a regional brewpub operator with locations in Princeton, New Jersey, and New Hope and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Located next to Panera Bread on Nassau St., Princeton, one can find their original location that opened in 1995. The first purpose-built brewpub in the state, the 12,000-square-foot facility features thirty foot high ceilings, seating for over 250 people, and a two story glass enclosed brew house which is a non-automated 11-barrel stainless steel system. It's pretty sweet to look at over a pint or two.

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Pub Review - Shepherd and Knucklehead, Haledon, NJ

member_headshots_20081217_1815175631Tucked into a niche on a Y-Street off of Main St., Haledon, NJ you can find a beverage nook respectively reminiscent of a prototypical side street NYC pub. Newly renovated, the brick walls, eclectic but balanced décor, and laid back, likable staff ensures that the "Shepherd & the Knucklehead" is sure to please. Sporting a 10 stool bar and a few tables ready a few steps, cozy is a proper definition, but it adds to the ambiance of patrons rubbing up against one another in the effort to grab just one more beer under the reddish orange bar lights.

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2009 BUZZ off competition results

Official results page:BUZZ Homebrew

They judged 404 entries this year and WHALES members took 3 silvers, 2 Bronze, and an Honerable Mention.

Keith "prez" took 2nd with his German Pils, Bobby M had an honorable mention with an English Barleywine and Silver with an oaked version of the same. Gary W placed 2nd with an Agave Mead, Keith Story took 3rd with an Impy Smoked Porter and Luke K scored a bronze with a Chili Mead.

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AHA Big Brew 2009

This is the WHALES entry for the AHA Big Brew 2009 Youtube Video contest. Please tell everyone you know to view it!!

10BBL Braggot Brew at Harvest Moon

A couple months ago Harvest Moon held a homebrew competition with another local company. The winner got to get a 10bbl batch (310 gallon) of beer brewed and served at the brewpub!! I entered with a bunch of my club mates from the WHALES. Brad and Jen won with a Chamomile Braggot. I came in 2nd with my German Chocolate Stout, and Nick came in 3rd with I think a pale ale. I got a couple growlers, carry case, and a free refill as a prize...and we all got invited to brew the beer today!


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Summary of Annual Club Activities

Summary of WHALES Club Activities

The events listed below occur with regularity at about the same time each year and are recognized as official events for which club funds are appropriated. All members are invited and encouraged to attend.

(a) Holiday Party

The WHALES holiday party is typically held in January and is held at a venue with a focus on a wide variety of craft beer on the tap list. The club will generally solicit ideas for an appropriate venue in November and make them available as a website poll. The club votes on how much of the club's funds to spend on food/drinks each year.

(b) AHA Big Brew

The American Homebrew Association (hereby referred to as the AHA) encourages Hombrewing clubs to gather for a day of joint brewing in May of each year to promote discovery of varied techniques. The event is usually hosted at a fellow member's home. Volunteers are solicited to host at the March/April meeting. Due to the inherent cost of hosting a large number of brewers in one place, the host is reimbursed $50 from the club funds. Attending members are encouraged to contribute both food and beverage to be shared.

(c) Picnic

The WHALES picnic is the annual summer outing for the club and occurs in June of each year. Location varies between parks and member's homes from year to year. If the location is a park, club funds are used for the permit. The club also votes on how much of the club's funds, if any, is spent on a special food item. If the picnic is hosted at a member's home, they are reimbursed $50 from the club funds for providing party supplies. Members are encouraged to contribute both food and beverage to be shared.

(d) AHA Teach a Friend to Brew Day

Similar to the Big Brew, The AHA encourages homebrewers to gather in November of each year. The focus of this event however is to encourage non-brewers or those new to the hobby to learn what the hobby is about via demonstration. The event is also hosted at a fellow member's home and they are reimbursed $50 from the club funds. Attending members are encouraged to contribute both food and beverage to be shared.

(e) Unofficial

Members are encouraged to suggest, host, arrange, etc other social events that are NOT officially sanctioned.

2008 Iron Brewer Results


In the spirit of the Food Network’s "Iron Chef" TV show, we would like to invite you to participate in the WHALES club’s first annual Iron Brewer Challenge! The Iron Brewer Challenge will test your recipe creativity and brewing skills like no other competition ever has before!


Each brewer will pick from a hat an "Iron Brewer Group Letter". Each group letter will have 3 yeast choices and 6 special ingredient choices. Each brewer will then select one yeast strain and one or more of the special ingredients to be used in their brew. When everyone’s yeast and special ingredient choice(s) have been made, we will announce what the grain bill is and distribute the grain accordingly. Hop type and quantity used are the brewer’s choice . Brewers may brew in teams, on their own, at the Big Brew, whatever you like! At the January 2009 club meeting, all of the entries will be judged according to BJCP base style guidelines and the first annual Iron Brewer Challenge winner will be cro wned and awards/prizes will be given out!

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2008 Sept. Hilton Head Heroes Competition

This competition was announced to the WHALES kind of last minute and it does not contribute to Whales HBOY points. However, it was run for charity by old Whale Mike Tripka so we accepted the challenge. As of Dec 1st, I don't think anyone got their score sheets back yet.

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2008 Vermont Cider Days

This is a placeholder for a review of cider days. Anyone who went is welcome to provide a summary of the activities, etc.