Pub Review - Coppermine Pub (North Arlington, NJ)

I met Vito, owner of the Coppermine Pub at a W.H.A.L.E.S. meeting a few months ago.  First off, let me thank him for showing interest in our club and taking the time to come and get to know us.

I visited the Coppermine Pub around 6:30pm on a Saturday in December.  The initial draw that brought me there was a tapping of a rare Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada collaboration Life and Limb cask, which to my dismay, but not surprise, was kicked about 45 minutes after it was tapped.  So, I was left to take in the feel of the bar without that coveted dark strong ale, replacing it with a fine Spaten Holiday Bock.  It had the same delightful crispness I’ve come to expect from a German holiday bock, but with a touch more on the malt end. 

Some bars tend to cramp up in the barstool areas for a variety of reasons, and I find something really nice about the frill free, open space feel as you walk through the door.  A full bar awaits you on the left seating a dozen or so patrons, and no worries mixed drink set, the bar is fully stocked with spirits.  Pan center to see glorious open area with linoleum footrests with a nicely stocked jukebox sitting against the back wall, and finishing off the scene, four tables to the right with seating for roughly 28.  The walls are covered with some nice brewerania both old and new, and of course, the prerequisite for the everyday Joe to walk in to a bar, two decent sized televisions by the bar and two by the tables. 

The feel of this bar is that there are no special nooks or hiding spots, no games, or food for that matter.  It’s an open-faced bar that’s all right there in front of you the minute you walk in.  As far as I’m concerned, the Coppermine Pub located on the corner of Ridge Rd. in North Arlington, NJ is a fine little bar with reasonable prices and a great tap and bottle list, which is followed up with a friendly and knowledgeable staff to guide anyone along their craft beer journey.