2009 BUZZ off competition results

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They judged 404 entries this year and WHALES members took 3 silvers, 2 Bronze, and an Honerable Mention.

Keith "prez" took 2nd with his German Pils, Bobby M had an honorable mention with an English Barleywine and Silver with an oaked version of the same. Gary W placed 2nd with an Agave Mead, Keith Story took 3rd with an Impy Smoked Porter and Luke K scored a bronze with a Chili Mead.

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BUZZ OFF 2009 Results

404 Entries
Best of Show
Fred Kline (Coatesville PA) - Dunkelweizen "Delong Dunkelweizen"
First Runner Up
Mark Kenesky (Blue Bell,PA) - Saison
Second Runner Up
Curt Keck (Allentown PA) - Brown Porter "A Pawn to the Porter"
Third Runner Up
Stephen Robson (Telford PA) - Foreign Extra Stout
Table 1 - Light Lagers (9 Entries)
1 Edward Bielaus Rockville,MD 1E Dortmunder Export BURP perfectly legal free lunacy dorkmunder
2 Dave Grosch Flemington,NJ 1D Munich Helles Keystone Hops Golden Rules
3 Kerry Martin Austin ,TX 1D Munich Helles Austin Zealots Munich Helles
Table 2 - Pilsners (10 Entries)
1 Dave Gies & Mickey Brown Middlebury,CT 2B Bohemian Pilsner YAHOOS First Pils
2 Keith Seguine Woodbridge,NJ 2A German Pilsner WHALES Pilsner
3 Edward Bielaus Rockville,MD 2C Classic American Pilsner BURP the american axis CAP
Table 3 - Vienna & Oktoberfest (14 Entries)
1 Rich Dilterto & Scott Rudich Pipersville,PA 3B Oktoberfest Keystone Hops Biatchtoberfest
2 Kerry Martin Austin ,TX 3B Oktoberfest Austin Zealots FestBier
3 Bob Purrenhage Berwyn,PA 3A Vienna Lager BUZZ Vienna Lager
Table 4 - Dark Lagers (14 Entries)
1 Michael Lemke Muskego,WI 5B Traditional Bock Beer Barons of Milwakee
2 Britt Taylor-Burton Austin,TX 5B Traditional Bock Austin Zealots Chu Bock
3 Edward Bielaus Rockville,MD 4C Schwarzbier BURP Nietzsche's Revenge Schwarzbier
HM Dave Gies & Mickey Brown Middlebury,CT 5A Maibock YAHOOS Our Bock
Table 5 - Light Hybrids (19 Entries)
1 John Peed Oak Ridge,TN 6C Koelsch Tennessee Valley Homebrewers Assoc. Cologne Clone
2 Josh Weikert Collegeville,pa 6C Koelsch Stoney Creek Homebrewers Kollegeville Kolsch
3 Al Hazan Stroudsburg,PA 6A Cream Ale Lehigh Valley Brewers
Table 6 - Amber Hybrids (9 Entries)
1 Tim Caum North Wales,PA 7C Dusseldorf Altbier Keystone 231
2 Edward Bielaus Rockville,MD 7A Northern German Altbier BURP altcon: a sip thru time
3 Michael Lessa Allentown,PA 7B California Common Beer LVHB
Table 7 - Eng. Bitters (12 Entries)
1 Edward Bielaus Rockville,MD 8B Special/Best/Premium Bitter BURP the sorrows of empire best bitter
2 John Peed Oak Ridge,TN 8A Ordinary Bitter Tennessee Valley Homebrewers Assoc. Notso Ornery
3 Dave Grosch Flemington,NJ 8A Ordinary Bitter Keystone Hops Paddington Station Bitter
Table 8 - Scottish & Irish Ale (15 Entries)
1 Patrick Lauletta Downingtown,PA 9E Strong Scotch Ale BUZZ Scottish Strong Ale
2 Al Hazan Stroudsburg,PA 9C Scottish 80/- Lehigh Valley Brewers
3 Jim Fries Philadelphia,PA 9D Irish Red Ale GLUB Angry Bee Irish Red
Table 9 - American Pale Ales (12 Entries)
1 Ken Wrightstone Camp Hill,PA 10A American Pale Ken's Pale Ale
2 Joe Kusterer Manassas,Va 10A American Pale The Cascades Pale Ale
3 Josh Weikert Collegeville,pa 10A American Pale Stoney Creek Homebrewers Peachtree Pale Ale
Table 10 - American Amber Ale (12 Entries)
2 Brian Pylant Pennsauken,NJ 10B American Amber BUZZ American Amber Ale
3 Brian Flach West Haven,CT 10B American Amber The Brewing Network Armory Amber
Table 11 - American Brown (10 Entries)
1 Brian Pylant Pennsauken,NJ 10C American Brown BUZZ American Brown Ale
2 Stephen Robson Telford,PA 10C American Brown Keystone AB 1
3 Dave Grosch Flemington,NJ 10C American Brown Keystone Hops Moose Drool Clone
Table 12 - English Brown Ales (7 Entries)
1 David Barber Kempton,PA 11A Mild Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Mild #2
2 Craig Lorden James Lorden mickleton,NJ 11C Northern English Brown The Brewing Network Irish Brown Ale
3 Steve Bischoff West Chester,PA 11A Mild #91
Table 13 - Porters (22 Entries)
1 Curt Keck Allentown,PA 12A Brown Porter Lehigh Valley Homebrewers a Pawn to the Porter
2 Dan Noon Yardley,Pa 12B Robust Porter Aleiens Manual Porter
3 Jim Fries Philadelphia,PA 12C Baltic Porter GLUB Chocolat Maple Porter
Table 14 - Stouts (20 Entries)
1 Stephen Robson Telford,PA 13D Foreign Extra Stout Keystone
2 Stephen Robson Telford,PA 13E American Stout Keystone
3 Chris Bible Knoxville,TN 13D Foreign Extra Stout Ariee Mon
Table 15 - Russian Imperial Stouts (13 Entries)
1 Jeff Louella Feasterville,PA 13F Russian Imperial Stout ALEiens RAIS (#2)
2 Tim Caum North Wales,PA 13F Russian Imperial Stout Keystone 208
3 Jason Wasnick Pottstown,PA 13F Russian Imperial Stout Bru Clear (Limerick) Obsidian Imperial Stout
Table 16 - American IPA (24 Entries)
1 Nathan Panek Ridley Park,PA 14B American IPA West Coast IPA
2 Derek Skillings State College,PA 14B American IPA Hoppy Valley IPA
3 Fred Kline Coatesville,PA 14B American IPA Hop Circle
Table 17 - Eng. & Imp. IPA (13 Entries)
1 Mickey Brown Middlebury,CT 14C Imperial IPA YAHOOS God Bless Hops
2 Andrew Starsiak Weymonth,MA 14A English IPA English IPA
3 Blake Morris Nazareth,PA 14A English IPA Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Mind the Gap IPA
Table 18 - German Wheat and Rye Beer (22 Entries)
1 Fred Kline Coatesville,PA 15B Dunkelweizen Delong Dunkelweizen
2 Fred Kline Coatesville,PA 15C Weizenbock Klienzenbock
3 Bill Schools {Croydon },PA 15A Weizen ALEiens #37
Table 19 - Belgian and French Ale (25 Entries)
1 Mark Kenesky Blue Bell,PA 16C Saison HOPS Saison
2 Charlie Milan {Baton Rouge},LA 16D Biere de Garde Redstick Brewmasters Biere de Bayou
3 Mark Kenesky Blue Bell,PA 16A Witbier HOPS Witbier
Table 20 - Belgian Specialty (12 Entries)
1 Mike Manning Allentown,PA 16E Belgian Specialty LVHB Belgian Barley Wine
2 Sal Narisi Warminster,Pa 16E Belgian Specialty Bernie the Beer
3 David Barber Kempton,PA 16E Belgian Specialty Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Saison de Noire
Table 21 - Sour Ales (12 Entries)
1 Jim Fries Philadelphia,PA 17F Fruit Lambic GLUB Mango Lambic
2 Michael Lessa Allentown,PA 17B Flanders Red LVHB
3 David Covey Philadelphia,PA 17A Berliner Weisse ALEiens Homebrew Club Pucker Up
Table 22 - Belgian Dark Strong Ales (16 Entries)
1 Ryan Gerlach Narberth,PA 18E Belgian Dark Strong Ale The Weng #58
2 Jeremy Harris Furlong,PA 18E Belgian Dark Strong Ale Batch #2
3 Josh Weikert Collegeville,pa 18B Belgian Dubbel Stoney Creek Homebrewers Dumb Luck Dubbel
Table 23 - Belgian Light Strong Ales (15 Entries)
1 Peter Polczynski Tulsa,OK 18D Belgian Golden Strong Ale The Brewing Network Riding with Charon
2 Wardell Massey Spring City,PA 18A Belgian Blond Ale Keystone HOPS Bella Blonde
3 Sal Narisi Warminster,Pa 18A Belgian Blond Ale Pat the Beer
Table 24 - Strong Ales (8 Entries)
1 Pat reddy Bridgeton,MO 19A Old Ale Driftwood Ale
2 R.J. Sherman Washington,NJ 19A Old Ale NJ HOPZ Richie's Bath
3 David Houseman Chester Springs,PA 19A Old Ale BUZZ Groundhog Old Ale
HM Bobby Mierzejwski Piscataway,NJ 19B English Barleywine WHALES Her Majesty's Pleasure
Table 25 - Fruit, Spice, Herb & Veggies (14 Entries)
1 Greg Ferenz Philadelphia,PA 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer Pineal Pumpkin Ale
2 Kevin Socha West Chester,PA 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer BUZZ Not You Mama's Joe
3 Scott Magalengo Quakertown,PA 20A Fruit Beer Zen Brewing Raspberry Zen Stout
Table 26 - Smoke and Wood Aged Beer (12 Entries)
1 Michael Lewandowski Drexel Hill,PA 22B Other Smoked Beer Queen Tammy's Smoked Porter
2 Bobby Mierzejwski Piscataway,NJ 22C Wood-Aged Beer WHALES Bourbon Barrel English Barleywine
3 Keith Story Piscataway,NJ 22B Other Smoked Beer WHALES Brent's Imperial Smoked Porter
Table 27 - Specialty Beer (18 Entries)
1 Andrew Starsiak Weymouth,MA 23A Specialty Beer Fuss-pot Rye Old Ale
2 Tim Caum North Wales,PA 23A Specialty Beer Keystone 230 imperial amber
3 Michael Lessa Allentown,PA 23A Specialty Beer LVHB Imperial Pumpkin Ale
Table 28 - Meads (7 Entries)
1 Bob Piano Allentown,PA 26A Metheglin LVHB Sweet Camus
2 Gary Weston Bridgewater,NJ 26C Open Category Mead WHALES Agave Mead
3 Luke Kostu Hopelawn,NJ 26C Open Category Mead WHALES Chili Mead
Table 29 - Melomels & Ciders (8 Entries)
1 Curt Keck Allentown,PA 28D Other Spec. Cider/Perry Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Spider Venom
2 David Barber Kempton,PA 25A Cyser Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Cyser #1
3 Christopher Clair West Chester,PA 25A Cyser BUZZ Not Al's Cyser