Funky Barrel II - Kriek Belgian Cherry Lambic

The Kriek Project came to a close in November 2009 but here's the original project pitch:

As many of you Whales know, there is 60 gallons of Flemish Sour Red doing its funky thing in a Cabernet barrel in my basement and it’s been there since January 2008.

The membership of this batch includes: Bobby, Nick, Jody, Colin, Bill C, Gary, Gene, Brad & Jen, Mike V, Dave, and Rick & Heather, JD, and Jay. These shares will be collected out of the barrel about the first week of January (11 months total)

We didn’t want to waste the barrel nor the Lambic blend of funky critters that now have a foothold in the oak. The Kriek (Cherry Lambic) Barrel Project is born. Kriek is a Belgian wheat-based sour beer (Lambic) to which sour cherries are added (the raspberry version is call Framboise). There are quite a number of commercial examples available (somewhere):

Traditional Krieks include: Boon, Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen, Girardin 1882, Hanssens, Oud Beersel Oude Vieille, Timmermans Traditional.

Sweetened Krieks include: Belle-Vue, Chapeau, Lindemans , Mort Subite ,Timmermans, and St. Louis. ß



The new project proposal is to make a traditional dry Kriek. Unfortunately, the sweetened versions are much more attainable in most liquor stores so the commercial example I’m providing for the November meeting flight is the sweetened variety (St. Louis). If you wanted to duplicate it, you could stabilize and add more cherry concentrate before kegging.

Due to the second active fermentation that will ensue when the two gallons of sour cherry concentrate is added, we need to leave more headspace in the barrel. Therefore, the number of shares will be limited to 9. Brewers are encouraged to brew 6-7 gallons if their process allows (use a gallon jug as an overflow primary) to keep some top-off beer handy. This will ensure that members end up with a full 5 gallon share next year.

The original proposal on the website suggested a brew date of Dec 21st but to make it more accessible to everyone; I’m pushing it out to the first weekend in January 3rd. The distribution of the existing Flanders will be that night. If people can make it, the idea is to meet at my house earlier that morning and brew in the garage (probably limited to 4-5 batches max). If not, you can deliver your share to my house no later than the following Wednesday when I want to rack all of the partially fermented Kriek into the Barrel. I don’t want to leave the barrel dry for a week.