Recurring Club Activities

The events listed below occur with regularity at about the same time each year and are recognized as official events for which club funds are appropriated. All members are invited and encouraged to attend.

(a)     Holiday Party - January

The WHALES holiday party is held on the 3rd Saturday in January (unless otherwise planned for)  and is held at a rental hall central to the most members. Members are encouraged to bring their finest creations to celebrate the new year. Food is typically provided by membership in potluck fashion, if not subsedized partially out of club funds.

(b)    AHA Big Brew - May

The American Homebrew Association (hereby referred to as the AHA) encourages Hombrewing clubs to gather for a day of joint brewing in May of each year to promote discovery of varied techniques. The event is usually hosted at a fellow member’s home. Volunteers are solicited to host at the March/April meeting. Due to the inherent cost of hosting a large number of brewers in one place, the host is reimbursed $50 from the club funds. Attending members are encouraged to contribute both food and beverage to be shared.

(c)     Picnic - June

The WHALES picnic is the annual summer outing for the club and occurs on the 3rd Saturday of June of each year. Location varies between parks and member’s homes from year to year. If the location is a park, club funds are used for the permit. The club also votes on how much of the club’s funds, if any, is spent on a special food item. If the picnic is hosted at a member’s home, they are reimbursed $50 from the club funds for providing party supplies. Members are encouraged to contribute both food and beverage to be shared.

(d)    Belgium Comes to Cooperstown at Ommegang Brewery - August

Whales attendance at this great Belgian beer festival has grown over the years. The Ommegang brewery near Cooperstown NY cuts the weeds down in the field behind the main brewery once a year to put on a huge beer festival and camp out. They usually have a VIP beer dinner on Friday night and the regular tasting session on Saturday afternoon. The majority of attendees show up early on Saturday and leave on Sunday. This isn't a "club event" exactly, so any spending on a group meal is pay-as-you-go.

(e)    Cider Days - November

This annual festival in Massachusetts is the source of almost all of the raw cider that the Whales use for various cider projects. Besides just picking up really good cider, the festival features several seminars, tastings and a cider pairing dinner. At leat a dozen Whales typically make the trip up for an overnight stay. This is a great trip to bring your spouse on if you're into bed and breakfasts and fall foliage.

(f)    AHA Teach a Friend to Brew Day - November

Similar to the Big Brew, The AHA encourages homebrewers to gather in November of each year. The focus of this event however is to encourage non-brewers or those new to the hobby to learn what the hobby is about via demonstration. The event is also hosted at a fellow member’s home and they are reimbursed $50 from the club funds. Attending members are encouraged to contribute both food and beverage to be shared. The WHALES typcially move this event one week later than the AHA promotes since it always falls on the ciderdays festival weekend.